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We are now accepting Enrollment Applications for children 2 years through Kindergarten of age for the 2023 Summer Session and the 2023-2024 Academic School Year. Please see below for information regarding our tuition for both full-time and part-time enrollment options. 

Access our Enrollment Application here: 

Tuition Rates | Schedule Options
**Operating hours: 8AM-5PM

Full-Time Enrollment  |  $1200/Mo.

Part-Time Enrollment: Full Week (AM) | $900/Mo.

Part-Time Enrollment: MWF  |  $750/Mo.

Part-Time Enrollment: MWF (AM) |  $650/Mo.

Part-Time Enrollment: TTH  |   $550/Mo.

Part-Time Enrollment: TTH (AM)  |  $450/Mo.

(*June will be prorated)

Tuition Rates | Extended Day Options

Morning Extension  (7AM-8AM) |  $100/Mo. 

Afternoon Extension (5-5:30PM) | $100/Mo.


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