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The Program (that plays)





school day | 8-5PM

ext. day | 7-5:30PM

students 2-7 years old


school-age drop-in care

*of all abilities*

12month: Sept - Aug 

school year: Sept - June

summer sesh: June - August

11 classrooms

gym 3,600sf

atelier 1,800sf

outdoor playground





ProCare software

monthly or annually

ProCare messenger


classroom photo groups

baseline and EOY evals

fall conferences 

one classroom/session

flexible to age and needs


Reggio & Co. is the early childhood program for both Preschool and Kindergarten students, and also a resource for our families, educators, and community. 


The facility's 11 classrooms range from 800-1,000sf to provide rarely found large rooms for our children. Classrooms effortlessly showcase the respectful, empowering, and supportive environment that children require to develop into

healthy, self-assured adults. 

Educators who are passionate about developmentally appropriate practice and respectful-educating are partners with students in their learning processes. 

Children reflect a regulated mood and unconditional interest in learning as a result of going to school with empowering adults. 

The emergent curriculum is our tool to help progress children through their developmental milestones. Reggio facilitates the collaboration and community to bring even more powerful benefits to the foundation for our students. 

Reggio & Co. is an active member with NAREA, go peek at what we do.
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