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Mama Hawa Scholarship Fund

This esteemed initiative is designed to honor the enduring spirit and remarkable influence of an extraordinary individual, Mama-Hawa. This distinguished scholarship fund has been established in recognition of how profound she is on our school community and her unwavering resilience in the face of a breast cancer diagnosis.

With deep admiration and respect, the Mama Hawa Scholarship Fund aims to embody the qualities exemplified by this beloved woman. Her remarkable journey, marked by courage, determination, and a commitment to spreading love, serves as an inspiration for the Reggio Community.

Reggio & Co. is committed to fostering inclusivity and expanding access to education for children who may face financial or personal constraints. The Mama Hawa Scholarship Fund will be providing financial assistance to students who need support to continue to come to school despite any circumstances. 

Contributions to the fund, whether large or small, will help ensure that her legacy lives on with each child and family this fund serves. Join us in celebrating the life and achievements of Hawa Rakowski as we preserve her memory and foster a legacy of kindness, compassion, and family. Together let us emulate Hawa’s unwavering spirit, and inspire others to follow in her footsteps as we continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of any child who needs their village.

Words from Mama Hawa: 

"Good morning beautiful family,


     I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for the support, love, and care you have given me and my family during this journey!  We are immensely grateful and gracious!  This has been difficult for all of us!  But all have been and will forever be my guardian angels, just as I am yours always and forever!  I love you all so much!  Lastly, I do have a request, sorry, please keep loving and protecting my baby boy!  Help Elliot through this transition as I will only be able to from afar! I love you all & thank you!


P.S. Elliot loves loves loves music!  One of his favorite songs is Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root.  The irony, I know"


(Email: 3/6/23)

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