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the piazza

rental space for the community


what is a 'piazza'?

Piazza (noun): an open square commonly found in the heart of a traditional Italian town used for community gatherings


Since Reggio was founded in 2019, relationships and connectedness have been at the heart of our operation. Our school is ready to introduce The Piazza as another aspect of our program that further advocates for the importance of community. 

Our hope is that when our friends are ready to be together, they have a space to come together safely. The Piazza can be accessed by both children and adults any day of the week. Our rental space encompasses:

1 atelier 1800sf

1 gym space 3600sf

Rental types have been tested out in all rooms by some of our favorite community members including local foundations, birthday boys & girls, holiday party hosts, and play date groups. Reggio is ready to schedule reservations to the public.


Find other rental options of Reggio's Piazza for your future needs:

what can the Piazza host?



space available for private use

local small business drop-in use welcome

restrooms available 

all rooms honor 24/7 rental hours

free wifi

free parking

rooms sanitized between each use

*Reggio family discount available

Questions about the Piazza

Thank you for your submission, a member of our team will reach out with next steps!

piazza rental rate:


*2 hour minimum*

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