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Project Care Fund

Our school has partnered with a local school in Baltimore County to adopt 65 (...yes, 65) local 6-7 year olds to support *with our Reggio students* for the holidays, as well as 6 local girls aged 6-10 years we have adopted for their Christmas morning. Reggio students and teachers have been hard at work preparing for our favorite project of the year and we are ready to include our families in for the (sleigh) ride. 


For those of you who were not a part of our school-family last holiday season, we wanted to describe this incredible tradition in its entirety. Please take a seat for a longer read, this is one of those magical projects we talk so much about. 




Here's what you need to know: 


Reggio is sponsoring both:


1. Two local first grade classrooms of students aged 6-7 years old that we KNOW need the help very much and 


2. 6 local girls aged 6-10 years old that also really need some support right now. 


The Baltimore County students, as well as some beautiful girls in our neighborhood, we are providing support to will be extremely appreciative of any little item received- they are expecting nothing. Because of the connection we have to these incredibly dedicated teachers and parents, we are aware of some of the personal struggles of the children and the reality that they might not otherwise receive holiday magic (something that we know our students in our care will be privileged to receive all season). Our program is dedicated to the confidentiality of these students and children but we are very aware of their hardships. We know the magic that is Project Care and the more we can do together now means the less children this young have to worry about later. 


With a total of 71 children in need, this means we need your help playing magic-maker. A lot of it. 



Here's what you need to do: 


1. Sign-Up to donate items needed through your classroom's Shutterfly Share Site:


Reggio students and parents sign-up to donate items that 71 children are going to end up with, giving each child a holiday bag with very exciting materials, holiday spirit, and some resources for being home for an extended period of time during break. 

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