Reggio's team has vowed to fulfill our school's mission indefinitely. This means that despite our current shutdown through June, we will be there to support the development of our students from home and support our entire community with resources to engage with their young children. Your school has designed a complete, virtual, *free* curriculum package to continue to support the development of young children while they are at home. Our students should have access to education, our parents should have resources to support them. We are here for all of it. 


Below you will find a copy of our daily schedule, a weekly schedule of content, related lessons that will be featured on FB LIVE every weekday at 9:30AM, and additional 'Mighty Minutes' (lessons that parents can use as a 'grab bag') to pull from throughout the next few weeks.

For any additional support, please contact our school via email: 

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Reggio's school-wide support approach was implemented when our program had to close for several months due to COVID19 health risks. Weekly lessons were developed with tools our program already uses so religiously and organized in a way that allows our young learners to experience content to help them to develop, in every developmental milestone necessary during early childhood. During morning circletime, Reggio's audience is children aged 2-5 years as a whole group; however, we differentiated our morning lesson for children of each age more specifically broken out on sub pages. 
Please click each Milestone Focus by week (above) to navigate to the lessons broken out by age. These weekly, differentiated lessons will be published every week on Monday morning. 

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