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Whether your toddler has a physical disability, is speaking a little later than your first child, or is formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, you should never feel alone in the journey through accessing resources for early intervention when you have high quality early childhood professionals on your side. Want to know why? 
Because *educators* have an ethical responsibility to develop each individual student's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills- regardless of a child's ability.  And *great educators* are your partners, committed to identifying the needs of each individual child at school and designing a plan to meet all of their developmental milestones. Your team of early childhood professionals are eager to provide you services of early intervention should your child have a disability, disorder, or special need that requires some accommodating for.
Any idea why educators advocate so heavily for early intervention? 
Well, here's why.
1. Because early childhood is the foundation of all of your child's learning. 
Learning and development are at their highest rate in a child's first few years. Some children risk missing some of the most important learning milestones without high quality support through early development. Early intervention helps keep these children on a path to making the most of abilities and skills developed during the early years. A solid understanding of how your child learns and functions at their natural best will be crucial as they graduate through school-age. 
2. Because they want to enhance your child's forward trajectory.
Early childhood professionals understand that the support of high quality early intervention services can change a child’s developmental trajectory and improve outcomes for children and their school experiences. It's important to recognize your child's abilities and support all of them. As we discover ways your child can succeed through limitations, we help them continue to propel forward. 
3. Because adding a group of specialists to your 'village' only empowers your family.
Yes, children directly benefit from the support of a team of early-interventionists; however, your child's teachers, their school, their therapists, and other professionals in their world are here to support you and your family as well. Having clarity around supportive strategies for your child will create more peace and empowerment for your whole family.
4. Because we have the best public programs and therapists that just happen to be free.... (well, hello.)
Intervention programs become more expensive and less effective the later in life they are accessed. We are proud partners with Baltimore County Public Schools: Infant & Toddlers and Baltimore County Public Schools: Child Find programs which offers free, in-school screening and services for children. These programs offer intervention services such as: speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, feeding/ eating support, and so much more. Visit our 'contact us' tab to request more information about our partnership with these dream professionals. 
So there you have it. Great teachers are ready, able, and eager to support children of all abilities who enter their classrooms. This means you, as a parent, can rest assured you have a team behind you to support your child as they develop into the very best version of themselves. It's why we're all here, right?
Want to find out more information about how our school supports the education of children of all abilities? Contact away.
Visit the program of BCPS Infant & Toddler and BCPS Child Find online to find more information about the free screening and therapy services of our partners. 
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